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OK Structures provides portable storage buildings to all of Oklahoma and surrounding areas. We manufacture both metal and wood, portable sheds, portable barns, portable cabins, portable garages, portable playhouses and more. We construct our buildings to the highest standards, using only the best materials available. All our buildings come with a 5 year labor and structural materials warranty. All our metal is warranted for 35 years. Whether you’re looking for portable storage buildings, horse barns, outdoor furniture, gazebos, playhouses, and much more, you are at the right place. Browse through our large selection of products! All our buildings have treated runners and floor joists as well as floors made of 3/4 treated plywood KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment), all at a price you can afford! We are the leader in portable storage buildings in Oklahoma City.

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Our products are available in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations and can also be customized to your needs and liking.

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Metal Barns

These are wood framed, metal clad buildings that don’t need painted. Super low maintenance and beautiful on your lot!

  • Metal Mini Barns

  • Metal Loft Barns

  • Metal Garages

  • ​Metal Cottage Barns

Metal Barns

Horse Barns

Our horse barns are available in many sizes and are the perfect solution for your needs. We’ll deliver and set it up too!

  • Horse Barns With Tack Room

  • Horse Barns ​(without tack room)

Horse Barns

Wood Barns

These are pressure treated wooden structures built strong and made to last. They are clad with treated wood siding and have roofing options.

  • Wood Mini Barns

  • Wood Loft Barns​

  • Wood Cottage Barns

  • Wood Garages

Wood Barns


Whether they’re used for hunting, fishing or a permanent dwelling, these cabins are very nice, roomy and can be customized.

  • Unfinished Cabins


Gazebos & Tea Houses

Nothing is more attractive than a gazebo or tea house when placed in the proper location. Ours are not only beautiful, but are the best built in the state of Oklahoma!

  • Gazebos

  • ​Tea Houses

Gazebos & Teahouses


Children love our playhouses. They are built to last and hand down to the next generation.

  • ​Cottage Playhouse

  • Victorian Playhouse

  • Hide Out Playhouse



We Manufacture 3 Different Styles of Bridges For Various Used On Your Property. Use them with an ornamental fish pond, as a decorative piece in your landscaping, a foot bridge to cross a ditch or use your own imagination.

  • Economy
  • Classic
  • Deluxe

Metal Fabrication

​OK Structures is now providing custom metal fabrication services for all central Oklahoma and surrounding areas! We provide sheet metal in almost any length and in multiple colors to fit your specific needs.

  • Custom Trim

  • Foam closure strips

  • Metal Screws

Metal Fabrication

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Best Quality Buildings

All of our buildings are constructed in our own facilities by highly skilled and trained craftsman. We use the highest quality lumber, siding, roofing, windows, doors and fasteners that are available today, and our portable storage buildings are built to last for decades. We’re able to control the construction environment and this makes certain that our buildings are plumb as well as square. That the fit and finish is flawless and all doors and windows fit and move perfectly without a hitch. Our wood is kiln dried to minimize any shrinkage and maintain a good fit.

OK Structures is a medium sized manufacturer or Portable Storage Buildings, Sheds, Portable Storage Barns, Horse Barns and Portable Cabins. Our products are available in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations and can also be customized to your needs and liking. Some are available in both metal and wood versions, for example you can purchase a metal storage shed, clad with baked on painted steel or a shed with treated wood cladding. Examples of variations are either metal barns or treated wood barns, these are otherwise known as portable storage sheds, garden sheds and storage buildings. You can opt for a shingle roof or a painted steel roof, shutters and doors.
Of all the companies who build horse barns, portable storage buildings and portable cabins in the Oklahoma City area, Ok Structures builds the highest quality and delivers the best service of anyone. We’ve built and delivered portable storage buildings to the Stillwater area, Edmond and all towns surrounding our facilities. We’ve got hundreds of very happy customers who are enjoying and using our high quality structures.

We’re also known as one of the premier cabin builders in all of Oklahoma. Our portable cabins can be built unfinished and delivered to your location for you to complete the interior. If you prefer, we can complete the interior for you in nearly any configuration that you would like or prefer. Portable cabins can be built with bedrooms, bathrooms and complete kitchens and depending on the size, are quite roomy and comfortable. They are suitable as an office, fishing or hunting cabin, mother-in-law’s home or as a tiny home for a couple or a family. They can be built to offer very efficient living, with lofts for storage, sleeping or anything else you may think of. Portable cabins are just that, they’re portable! We deliver and set them up for you, but should you need to move the cabin to another location on the property or to a new property, we can do that for you. Portable means convenience and a portable building can be sold to a new owner and moved to their property.

Portable Storage Buildings are flexible, incredible and affordable. With so many people looking for solutions for storage of cars, lawn equipment, motorcycles and more. With people needing additional living spaces for in-laws or weekend get-away places, we’ve got the portable building to fit your needs.

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Excellent Service

Our team is focused on delivering the very best buildings available. We’ve been building these in our facility for over 12 yrs. and we are constantly improving our materials and our processes as new technology becomes available. Yes, technology isn’t just for cellphones or computers. New sheathing is being developed continually which improves air exchange while keeping temperatures constant. These breathable panels called “LP” are energy efficient and do an excellent job, especially when the inside of our portable buildings are being used as living quarters. Metal roofs also eliminate some maintenance issues as extend the life of the roof.

We consider the fact that you don’t need more work and that’s why the portable storage buildings, portable barns and portable cabins are built to last without a high amount of maintenance. They are perfect for places like Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Tulsa, Edmond, Guthrie and others. We build for Oklahoma residents because we know the weather and how the elements effect portable buildings. If you’re in the market for any of our beautiful portable structures, give us a call and we would be happy to show you what we can do for you!

Construction materials are very important when building a structure. Considering that most times you aren’t heating or cooling the inside of a portable storage building, the materials are continually expanding and contracting. When this happens, joints shrink and expand with the temperatures and if the materials are not high quality, this can cause air gaps or leaks which would allow the elements to enter and degrade the structure. With a portable cabin, you may or may not have continual air conditioning and heat, which makes it even more important to use the best materials.

Using kiln dried lumber for framing and choosing an exterior covering that will last and hold up to the elements is critical. Sheathing the exterior walls is even more critical because it will certainly take a beating. We’ve replaced the traditional treated wood with what’s called “LP”, an engineered panel that helps the building to maintain a consistent climate whether hot or cool through its high tech layers of varying materials. Our Portable Storage Buildings, Portable Cabins and Portable Barns are also available with metal cladding. This product is steel roofing with hard, baked on paint which is designed to protect the roof and sides of the building. Super durable and low maintenance, these panels will not need any painting for many, many years if ever. You can choose to have a metal roof and LP wood or metal siding depending on your needs, desires and budget.

We deliver your portable building and set it up on your level lot using our amazing mechanical Mule. This enables us to place your building in the precise spot without damaging the lawn. We offer free delivery within a 50 mile radius of our location and if you’re over 50 miles, we’ll quote you an affordable price on the additional mileage.

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Here at OK Structures we value our customers very highly, and strive to deliver the products they want with the communication they need to make an intelligent purchase.

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Here are some of the best reasons to purchase a portable storage building

  • Consider a portable storage building if your garage is too full to get your car into.
  • Your tractor needs to be outside in the weather instead of indoors and protected.
  • Your “stuff” is taking over your home.
  • You can’t find your family and you know they are in the house! (Time to clean up)
  • Consider a portable cabin if you need some extra living space at home or away.
  • A portable cabin makes a great mother-in-law’s quarters!
  • A cabin can be your full-time home and many people are doing just that!
  • A portable cabin can be moved anytime you need to, even to another property.
  • A lofted barn gives you additional storage that you don’t normally have anywhere.
  • A portable shed can cost far less than other storage options.

Our rent-to-own option allow you to have a portion of your payment go to ownership of the portable shed, portable barn or any other portable storage building that we offer. This is a great and affordable option for many people, and there is no credit check!

Lastly, buying a portable building from OK Structures is a simple and friendly experience because we want to make sure that your completely and 100% assured that you have the best portable building, best purchasing experience and best service that you’ve ever gotten. Give us a call and one of our experts can help you to get the best building at the best price available!

Cities and Towns That We Serve

We service a radius of around 50 miles and this includes the following counties, cities, and towns.

Oklahoma City Tulsa Bethany Chandler Purcell Warr Acres
Chickasha Choctaw Del City Edmond Shawnee Yukon
El Reno Guthrie Jones Langston Stillwater
McLoud Midwest City Moore Mustang Village
Nichol Hills Noble Norman Piedmont Tuttle

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