Rent To Own

Want to Learn About Our Rent-To-Own Sheds?

If you’re looking to find rent-to-own sheds in Oklahoma, you’ve landed on the right page. You’ll find the details of our rent-to-own storage buildings program. Let’s dive in.

What Is Rent-To-Own?

Rent-To-Own is designed for an absolutely “No Credit Required” alternative to the common rental storage units.

rent-to-own Sheds

Buying a portable building from OK Structures is a simple and friendly experience. Our rent-to-own option allows you to have a portion of your payment go to ownership of the wood storage sheds, metal utility barns or any other portable building that we offer. This is a great and affordable option for many people, and there is no credit check!

The Advantages of Rent-To-Own Portable Storage Buildings From OK Structures:

  1. ​No Credit Required
  2. With an upfront payment of one month’s Rent/Lease and a $200 deposit, you can have your building delivered to your backyard. The $200 deposit can be applied as the payoff if your contract is successfully completed. In case of default, it will be applied as a pickup charge. Conveniently placed in your backyard instead of uptown.
  3. Can very conveniently be added to your homeowners’ insurance.
  4. It’s yours in only 3 years, the equal to 36 months. Rent it for only 3 years and own it for a lifetime.
  5. Have your own personalized, custom-ordered storage building. You pick the size, where the doors are located
    if you want windows, and many other options!
  6. 60% of each month’s Rent/Lease paid is automatically applied to the cash price; whereas, in a typical storage unit, 0% of your monthly rent applies to the cash price. (which means you will never own it.)
  7. You can pay it off early with no early payoff penalties. If you pay it off early, you get a 40% discount off of the current contract balance. (total contract amount equals the monthly payment x 36 months less payments received)
  8. If you have a financial crisis and cannot make the monthly payments, all you need to do is pay the Rent/Lease through the day that the building is picked up by us, and your initial payment covers the pickup.

Rent-To-Own Storage Buildings

Metal Barns

Explore the convenience of renting-to-own metal barns with us. Our selection includes four unique styles of metal sheds available through our rent-to-own sheds program. Find the perfect metal barn for your needs today!

Horse Barns

Experience renting-to-own horse barns from us. Our variety of options meets all your horse-related needs. Check out our rent-to-own program to find your perfect horse barn today!

Wood Barns

Discover the ease of securing a wooden barn through our rent-to-own sheds program. We offer a diverse range of four distinctive wood shed styles to choose from. Start your search for the ideal metal barn today!

Portable Cabins

Discover our rent-to-own portable cabins! You can now easily acquire a portable cabin through our rent-to-own program, making it more accessible and flexible for you. Explore your options today.

Gazebos & Tea Houses

Explore the charm of our rent-to-own gazebos and tea houses. These delightful additions to your outdoor space are now available through our flexible rent-to-own program, making it easier than ever to enhance your backyard oasis. Discover the possibilities today!


Unlock hours of fun and creativity with our rent-to-own playhouses! These enchanting play spaces for your children are now within reach through our convenient rent-to-own program. Experience the joy of play without delay—explore your options today!

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Here at OK Structures we value our customers very highly, and strive to deliver the products they want with the communication they need to make an intelligent purchase.

a simple and friendly experience

When you buy a portable building from OK Structures, we want to make sure that you are completely and 100% assured that you have the best portable building, best purchasing experience and best service that you’ve ever gotten. Submit a quote, design your own building, come visit us, or give us a call and one of our experts can help you to get the best building at the best price available!