About Us

OK Structures was started in 2000 as a family business retailing outdoor furniture in Texas with the name of Quality Outdoor Structures. In 2004, the business began to build portable buildings and the name was changed to OK Structures. Since then, the business has grown from Steve and his two son’s working together, to where it is now keeping three shops busy producing storage buildings. Our furniture still being produced in Texas at Quality Wood Products. Also, our work force has grown greatly, from the family working together, to a large work force with multiple employees

Our Team

Steve Shetler

Founder, Owner

Roger Wagler

General Sales

Joseph Peters

General Sales, Cabin Sales

Daniel Woodburn

Delivery Technician

Gama Aguilar


‚ÄčOur Philosophy

Here at OK Structures we value our customers very highly, and strive to deliver the products they want with the communication they need to make an intelligent purchase. But, business means more to us than producing a product, marketing it, selling it, and having satisfied customers, we believe that everything we do, whether it be our business, our recreation, or our home life, etc. should be done for the glory of God. This is why we strive to do our absolute best in all aspects of our business. The World uses people and loves money. The Christian uses money and loves people.

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