About Us

In the year 2000, a family enterprise called Quality Outdoor Structures was established in Texas, specializing in the retail of outdoor furniture. The year 2004 marked a significant shift as the business expanded its scope to include the construction of portable buildings, leading to a rebranding as OK Structures. Over the years, this venture has undergone remarkable growth, evolving from a collaborative effort between Steve and his two sons to its present state of operation with three bustling workshops dedicated to crafting storage buildings. While our furniture manufacturing remains rooted in Texas through Quality Wood Products, our workforce has experienced a substantial expansion, transitioning from a family-centric approach to a robust team of diverse professionals.

Our Philosophy

Here at OK Structures, we highly value our customers and make every effort to provide them with the products they desire, along with the necessary communication to facilitate well-informed purchases. However, our perspective on business goes beyond the mere processes of production, marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that everything we undertake, whether it pertains to our business, recreation, or home life, should be conducted to glorify God. This principle drives our commitment to consistently deliver our very best across all aspects of our business. In contrast to the world’s approach of using people and prioritizing money, we, as Christians, prioritize using money to benefit others and have a deep care for people.

Our Team

Steve Shetler

Founder, Owner

Kevin Shetler

Sales Manager

Caleb Shetler

Delivery Technician

Gama Aguilar


Roger Wagler

General Sales

Eli McDowell

General Sales

a simple and friendly experience

When you buy a portable building from OK Structures, we want to make sure that you are completely and 100% assured that you have the best portable building, best purchasing experience and best service that you’ve ever gotten. Submit a quote, design your own building, come visit us, or give us a call and one of our experts can help you to get the best building at the best price available!