Sheds For Sale in Macomb

Looking for sheds for sale in Macomb, OK? We have a dealer in Macomb, Ravine Buildings, who offers our prebuilt structures at their sales lot. You can visit their location to inspect and purchase directly from them. They have our pre-built sheds available for you to explore. Check out the variety of buildings we offer for Macomb residents below.

Other Portable Structures in Macomb

Metal Barns in Macomb

Our metal barns feature wooden frames combined with metal siding, eliminating the need for painting. They require minimal upkeep while enhancing the aesthetics of your property! Our metal barns are priced between $2,190.00 and $13,320.00.

Horse Barns in Macomb

We offer horse barns in different sizes to suit your needs perfectly. Additionally, we take care of the delivery and setup for your convenience! Prices for our horse barns range from $2,075.00 to $10,285.00.

Wood Barns in Macomb

These sturdy wooden structures are designed to last, boasting treated wood siding and a range of roofing options. Whether it’s for storing lawn equipment, garden tools, or pool supplies, our wood barns in Macomb are versatile and cater to diverse needs, including sheds with lofts and mini barns. Prices for our wood barns range from $2,300.00 to $13,985.00.

Portable Cabins in Macomb

These portable cabins offer exceptional comfort, ample space, and customizable features, making them perfect for hunting, fishing, or as a permanent residence. Prices for our portable cabins range from $11,010.00 to $20,600.00.

Gazebos and Tea Houses in Macomb

Nothing adds charm to a property quite like a well-placed gazebo or tea house. Our structures are not only stunning but also boast the highest quality construction in all of Oklahoma! If you’re searching for gazebos or tea houses for sale in Macomb, look no further than OK Structures!

Playhouses in Macomb

Kids absolutely love our children’s playhouses. Designed for durability, these playhouses can be treasured by generations to come. Prices for our playhouses range from $3,500.00 to $6,970.00.

rent-to-own Sheds For Sale In Macomb, OK

Buying a portable building from OK Structures is a simple and customer-oriented process. You have the convenient option to choose a rent-to-own plan for sheds or any other building through OK Structures. This is an excellent and budget-friendly choice for many people, and the best part is, no credit check is needed!

Our portable buildings are available in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations and can also be customized to your needs and liking.


While we offer the highest quality and use use only the best materials available, we do our best to make sure that they are affordable too.


All buildings come with a 5 year labor and structural materials warranty. All metal is warrantied for 40 years. We use treated runners, treated floor joists, as well as floors made with 3/4″ treated plywood.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery within 50 miles of Perkins, OK. When you get a free quote, we will confirm any extra delivery fees that may apply. Our delivery also applies for our small metal barns.


If you’re not completely delighted with your service, please let us know, and we’ll make every effort to put a smile on your face. We are the leader in portable buildings in Oklahoma City.

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Here at OK Structures, we value our customers very highly and strive to deliver the products they want with the communication they need to make an intelligent purchase.

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When you buy a portable building from OK Structures, we want to make sure that you are completely and 100% assured that you have the best portable building, best purchasing experience and best service that you’ve ever gotten. Submit a quote, design your own building, come visit us, or give us a call and one of our experts can help you to get the best building at the best price available!